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A Bit About Bee

My first name means "bee" in Greek, so it's fitting that I have found myself all-ways wanting to be a pollinator of positivity! I have intuited the phrase "Happiness Navigator" to encompass what it is I feel I am meant to do here on this magical planet.


I was afraid to drive a car for many years, and was also afraid to speak up when I knew the way. Eventually, I learned that more often than not, I DID indeed know the way, and unfortunately had left the driver in the lurch too many times by not speaking up. 


I had to accept that I was naturally good at direction and could be of service, and I then embraced and embodied that role and grew into trusting my instincts- with much appreciation and accolades in turn.


Years later, (I finally started driving myself around, downtown Toronto, which is HUGE) I began to perceive this arising again but in a different form: I could see how I am presented a bird's eye view into a "driver's" life.


I can navigate them to a place they may not be able to see exists yet; seeing healthy and happy lifestyle and medicinal options ahead, and where those turns may be located. 


I found myself feeling the same way about speaking up... they were driving, so maybe I was wrong to suggest something different? Until I finally realized & accepted that I do really have some valuable divinely shared insight. More so, that it may be my soul responsibility to share this knowledge, to help even one person. That means everything to me, truly.


These gifts of navigation skills and unique treasure maps, these intuitive and learned lessons and wisdoms, have been placed in my care, so that they can be of service. 


I have been around alternative medicine and healthy, real whole food my whole life. In fact my grandfather and way-ahead-of-her-time health-conscious grandmother ran a tourist resort, my mom ran a cafe and bake shop... and I am the naturally nurturing oldest of 5 kids, so you can bet, I've learned a few tricks in the kitchen and elsewhere!

My grandmother and mother definitely were formative helping me understand a multiplicity of healthy options, home remedies and an ancestry that is open minded and based in service.


I myself, have actually been on a path to find healing since my first panic attack in 1998. I got control of those at 20 years of age,  using talk therapy, breathing techniques and educating myself;  and with the short term help of antidepressants and anti- anxiety medications.


I was on a life's path working in film locations and set building in Toronto when an assault left me "ruined" in body, mind and spirit for some years.


These dark days found me either depressed or anxious, using prescribed opiates and generally culturally accepted  forms of "self medicating; alcohol, TV marathons, junk food benders... which seeing things from this side, were actually self abuse and did nothing but lengthen my trials. 


Slowly but surely though, I found what worked for me; including thousands of hours of meditation and countless forms of learning and self healing, to find my way back to happy and healthy! I can say I have experienced my best years now; being pill free, alcohol free, tobacco free, and most of all, simply free.


No judgement from me, ever... it took me a long time to find my own way out of the "deep dark" and we all do this journey in divine timing. I continue to work the good work every day and some are better than others, we all share that changing and challenging life experience, in varying degrees.

We can keep taking the next right step and  accept what comes, we can love ourselves completely even when we falter. It is this central shelter we nurture, that helps us care for and expand, the sprawling garden of our lives. So that it may be in full colour no matter the season.


All I want in my journey now, is to help focus the sweet sunshine in sending some of that kind of year-round greenhouse-style growth your way, so you so you can find your own way faster.


I still deal with chronic pain, fatigue and some anxiety- but I am deeply grateful and happy. Even on the toughest days and during the worst moments, I can now quickly find a grace and gratitude in knowing it is all for my greatest teaching. 


I am also now able to reach within and access strength I either never knew I had, had forgotten, or perhaps gave up on. Honestly I feel like all three are true. Life is hard sometimes, but WE CAN do the hard stuff... and doing so makes it so we HAVE THE BEST stuff in our lives. 

Coping, consistency, gains and momentum are now accessed with veritable ease. I bee-lieve we can find this and even greater for you, as we map this mystical and marvelous journey together!

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