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Mojo and Magic

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Welcome To
Mojo And Magic

Hello FellowWizards!

I’m Melissa "Mojo Bee" Johnston, Woman Wizard, At Your Service!


As well as being a shapeshifting wizard on a mission remind others that "we are all wizards' and pollinators of positivity, I am a certified Reiki Master & creator of Happiness Navigation.


Mojo And Magic specializes in a variety of holistic treatments, products, services

 & events that spark joy.

We regard each person's situation as a whole, unique and perfect puzzle with many colourful pieces, rather than just an illness or collection of problems to be defeated.

We believe in accepting, nurturing and restoring balance and buoyancy, rather than battling against the tides of life.


Through decades of dealing with my own chronic  health issues,

I have found simple yet magical ways to healing and happiness.


Helping others navigate these,  has now become my grateful soul purpose. Let's seek out what we can do together!

I work on a sliding scale, meaning let me know what your situation is and we can work out something feasible and fair. 

Please feel free to click through the site menu and check out "A Bit About Bee",  the "Services and Bookings" page where you can click to read more about each service, as well as the Skeptic Turned Mystic blog!


Health & Happiness

Navigation & Celebration

Happiness Navigation

Balance Your Chi & Find Your Joy

Holistic medicine is a broad range of medical practices that are based on many years of tradition. I have come to use many of these customs, rituals and traditions, to treat my own chronic pain and anxiety with great success. Along my path I gratefully  found humble ways to help others as well.

With our co-customized "Happiness Navigation" program, your body and mind will feel free, clear and in control of life's inevitable worries and stressors. I am trained and experienced in a variety of holistic techniques that will surely help to heal you both mentally and physically.

Let's take that "souljourn" ~ a road trip to joy! Let's map out your desires, your needs and wants, your pains and frustrations, your ideal creative outlets, sacred solutions, and energizing practices. Let's help you remember what really makes you enter flow state. Let's explore together, to find where you truly feel your soul shine!

Also featuring Happiness Happenings; another co-customized service that will bring any combo of catered energetic food, singalongs or live music performances, arts /crafts or workshops, Reiki powered space & attendee cleansings and blessings, and Mojo and Magic product offerings!

Herbal Medicine

Healing Facilitation

Healthy Self = Heal Thy Self

Healing Facilitation means I believe I help you, heal yourself. I help open windows so air can come into the rooms of your mind, and I can help spark light of healing flames that lay inside you, so that the fire may burn bright and strong. I can take you on a road trip to help you remember what gives you joy.


Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow through chakra points. Reiki, meaning "Universal Life Force"; helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being.


As a certified Reiki Master, I help patients reduce their pain, stress and anxiety, among other ailments. I am trained and experienced in Chinese Gua Sha and Hot Stone Massages, a heat based acupressure modality called moxibustion and sound healing,

I have been blessed with a wealth of knowledge in nutritional health and supplements, as well as art,  music, dance, movement, talk and touch therapies. I am certified in The Science of Happiness as taught by UC Berkeley and much more. PLUS... who knows what we're learning today!?

Because let's face it, the wonder of living, loving and learning, never ceases to amaze!


Lovingly and magically made with the most quality  ingredients, essences and infusions.


Ageless Aura Facial  & Body Oils: Regular and Ultra Lux, including Argan, Vitamins

A, C,  & D3 & E, Coenzyme Q10, Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood, & more!

Pain Bee Gone w CBD & Arnica: Topical Sprays & Rubs with Essential Oils

Hand and Soul Healing Salves: 100% Vegan or with Beeswax, Lavender Spearmint, Thieves & Patchouli Cedar

*Lip Lovers Lip Balms:

with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, 100% Vegan, 

Lavender Spearmint, Lemon Honey, Thieves, Mint CBD and Au Natural

*Sniffer Savers~ Herbal Inhalers: 2 varieties

of the proven lung healer

 Eucalyptus + Camphor and Menthol

List Of Essential Oils & Apothecary  Items:

Available for purchase alone or customized into oil or perfume blends, healing salves, diffuser & topical sprays, facial and hair oils and waxes ect ect ect.


It is a great joy to

co-create an offering that is divinely delicious + nutritious.

Terrific Granola with Turmeric:

  A stellar mix of all the good granola stuff, can be made with CBD cococanna oil

or regular!

 Stellar Snack Mix:

  A stellar mix of all the good salty stuff, can be made with CBD cococanna oil

or regular


Reiki Infused Snack Platters:

Sweet or Savory, let's dream up the perfect thing for your event, or just to snack on at home or for a friend or relative that would enjoy something from the heart that nourishes the taste buds and the soul.

Reiki Infused Substantials:

Please Scroll Down To "Dinner and Reiki" For Full Details.

 Self Serve with Delivery or Mojo & Magic "Hostess with the Mostest" Options Available


It is my deepest honour to

co-create an experience that magically fits your needs.

Any Mojo & Magic Session:

  with any combination of Reiki-Style Energy Healing, Hot Stone Massage, Crystals, Sound Healing, ASMR, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Happiness Navigation, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Art or Music Expression Sessions & Workshops including CBD & other herbal extractions!


Body Bliss Session:

Gua Sha Facial Massage and Gentle Lymphatic Drainage with Warm Stones and Crystals and Lux Ageless Aura Oils; session can include glamour magic &/or natural style makeup application

$111 per hour


Reiki Home or Workspace Cleansings:

Help is here for you or a friend, family or workmates, to organize and/or tidy up the good old fashioned  way- with clear focus and hard work! Meanwhile using natural hand + heart made cleaning products infused with sacred herb essences, Reiki and energetic intention to deep clean with love and light!

 3hrs *NOW~$222

*for a limited time

 Dinner and Reiki

Stay in and experience the far out!

This is a unique sensory experience featuring; a Reiki cleansing and blessing of your space, a Reiki infused meal, cooked to your specifications and customized to your fancy, After which you'll each receive a full 1hr Reiki &/or Hot Stone Massage session.

Introductory Service for 1-2 People @ $166 each

Contact me for custom menu and experience details!

Reiki Infused Substantials:

Time for some comfort and care; let's dream up the perfect thing for your event, or  to dine on at home- or for a friend or relative that would enjoy. Something made from the heart, that will feed the body and soul.


From vegetarian or meat lasagna with homemade vegan or classic caesar dressing. to veggie or meat fajitas and nacho soup with a roasted red pepper & spinach salad. Perhaps a hearty winter vegetable stew & gluten free dumplings; with kale, maple candied cranberry and pecan salad.


Maybe a lovely light tofu or classic quiche, made mediterranean & veggie-full with purple onions, tri-coloured bell peppers, kale, olives and optional feta. Or maybe a cowboy or cowgirl just needs some standard meat and potatoes satisfaction- roast dinners with all the fixings are some of Mojo's specialties.

Be it a new concoction with rare ingredients or an ol' comfort food smash hit~ no matter your mood, we will find just the thing to hit the spot!


Catering available for up to 30, complete with space and group cleansing and Reiki infusions + with 10-20 minute "mini" Reiki sessions available, all at stellar discounted pricing.

Self-Serve or Mojo & Magic Service available to suit your needs and wants. 


Please connect with me directly, to customize and co-create the ideal experience. Just click the button below for email and we're up up and away! Or call or text anytime @ 647-868-9675



Mojo Bee


Your Mojo Will Always Bee Natural!


WIth Mojo Bee Natural products I delved deep into aromatherapy, essential oils and custom natural body products to help with my recovery.


It was well over 5 years ago I started seeking better ways to treat my chronic conditions and landed on one sure helper: knowledge of natural essences and ingredients to add to body care routines and home cleansing, while ridding myself of countless toxins and wa$tefulness.


By proxy it happened that others also can take comfort and healing from these same products and items. We take joy in making or infusing each thing with as much love and light as will fit in it! 


There are SO many #everydaymagic things available to us for healing, comfort + beauty. Focusing on cleansing and blessing the home and workspace with energy magic and natural cleaning products is easy and beneficial. 


We've rebranded the entire shop as Mojo and Magic but will always bee thankful for the whole journey that got us here.

Explore The Products and Services List below, to see what magic is near right now!

Natural Medicine

"What we think, we become"


Melissa "Mojo Bee" Johnston

For more information about Mojo and Magic~ our mission, products, activities and events, custom services and more, plzz don’t hesitate to contact us ! Texting is fine! Buzz Buzz Anytime!

1562 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M6K 2V4 Canada


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