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Magic Mondayzz


Wildcard Wednesdayzz

 LIVESTREAMING Mondays & Wednesdays @ 8:08pm EST on

Mojo and Magic's Facebook 


Please Come and Bring


To Our Reoccurring "Happiness Navigation" Events

Featuring: Reiki infused sacred circle, sing-alongs & more!

An energy exchange between us creates a bond, as your unique energetic being combines with mine and we send out intentions of peace, protection and prosperity through music and magic!


Tarot and oracle readings, storytelling, moon magic, comedy, nature and plant identification, herbal healing knowledge & so on!

Soon we will be singing " It's Just Another Magic Monday!" as we banish the idea of our "worst day of the week" AND get excited for "hump day" AKA Wildcard Wednesdayzz , more than ever before!

This is a casual and free way to be a vital part of a new community~ a coming together of good vibezz tribezz of all kindzz!


Something we can co-create to increase joy and bliss in our lives and in our world. Buzz buzz~bring on the bliss!

If you would like to add to this list, participate/lead/workshop in any of the activities listed here

or create your own magical thing to share,

please contact me,

your humble facilitator bee, Melissa Mojo@ 647-868-9675


Or Message on Facebook @ 



Drinking it up as we dive deeper into the endless sea of knowledge! From chakras, to herbal infusions, to how to string a guitar... we never know quite what's coming, but it's always a valuable treasure when we get there!

 LIVESTREAMING Thursdays @ 7:07pm EST on

Mojo and Magic's Facebook 


Funk N Food Fridayzz

 LIVESTREAMING Fridays @ 7:07pm EST on

Mojo and Magic's Facebook 


Bring on the heat as we buzz together and cook up something sweet or savoury while busting a move with some funky grooves! 

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