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New Moon Ritual With Stuff You Already Have In Your Kitchen

Just ahead of Valentine's Day on February 11th, Aquarius helps prompt us to blaze our own trail, and honor our own individuality and uniqueness! This airy and dreamy new moon will help us think out of the box and put energy behind our innovations. The new moon tends to cast the state of stillness and introspection. It's natural to want to rest and reflect more during this time, 3 days before and after each new moon. To plan and plant seeds of intention as we aim and focus to hit our marks and see growth in the coming weeks. This is the time for the magic of manifestation to be the most abundant and help shift things perfectly towards the full moon. It's then we will greatly witness the evolution of the sprouting seeds, into branching out, budding, bodacious babes, in our well cared for garden.

A simple ritual can fertilize these seeds, and this act of giving time and energy, can magnify our magical results in a mighty way! A candle, a salt bath (foot soak even), and a written script or ideal outcome is really all it takes! There is a detailed description of a possible ritual at the end of this article & Thirsty-For-Knowledge Thursdays on the 11th we're making the bath at 8:08 p.m. EST so feel free to gather the ingredients and come along and we can do it together! This month as Aquarian's creative explorative and independent energy, mixes with the cool calmness of the new moon; we are inspired to realize an immense sense of appreciation and gratitude for who we are. For the amazing vastness of our being and this collection of knowledge that is only ours. There's no need to try and express individuality when we are so mystically snowflake-like in our experience. Though we are part of a toboggan hill full of fellow ones, also having such an experience... No one knows how to ride this just the way we do. Plus we get to have so much fun while doing it! Also laugh and share with others who are all tumbling down in their own perfect way just like we are. Sometimes we stand alone so beautifully too, like this rock I saw on a backroad journey last week.

In fact no one else can grow a garden the same way you can either; no one has the specific combination of varieties that you do! Your garden is so wonderfully different from anyone else's! This incredible maze that you have cultivated is so uniquely you. Those who are attracted to your space, are there to revel in the particular way you planted it.

The more we realize that and step into it and celebrate it, the more there will be those that appreciate our vision and are inspired and strengthened by it. Such that they can take on the mission to weed and water and care for more for their own garden! And so It goes, onward and upward from a simple seed~ collected, cherished and nourished. To another, and another.

If we invest in this uniqueness now, we will undoubtedly see dividends by month's end. If we keep collecting and growing another seed and another seed along our journey, we are cultivating the most miraculous garden to share with others. Even if it's under ground and under snow; there is still life and that collection is no less valuable. If we keep walking our own path, gardening with care, and loving ourselves large, it's no doubt a winning way to wizard!


Simple New Moon Ritual You will need: 2c Salt (ideally sea salt or Epsom) 1/2c baking soda (optional) 2tsp coconut oil (or even olive oil) 1tsp black pepper 1tsp cinnamon 1 bay leaf Quartz or amethyst (optional) A candle A pen Paper (brown is best)... or a book if you are like me and like to keep it to review later You can light the candle, and put on some nice soothing music, as you mix the ingredients for the bath. (**If you want to skip the bath making part you can just add some salt or just have a sweet & simple lil' water bath or foot soak, and follow the rest of the ritual.) If your hands are sensitive, you might want to wear gloves, and definitely do remove jewelry if you're using your hands to mix it. I like to use my hands because I feel it grounds me and connects me with it more. While mixing the salt, oil and spices together, we infuse the intention of peacefulness, protection, prosperity... and/or... you can use any other combination of words and qualities that you would like it to hold, get creative and have a blast! Now once that's mixed up, here's a helpful tip: you can either put it right in the bath OR use a nice cotton bag that ties up at the top, to hang it over the faucet and let the water run through to melt out the salts and infuse the bath without leaving the herbal residue behind. So now with the candles lit, we can run the bath water, and add our quartz or amethyst if desired. As it runs we can start to write the intentions, or the "script" or the ideal outcome. This is even better if we infuse it with all of the senses and bring it to life as much as we can, just like as if we were explaining the scene for a movie that we wanted someone to direct for us. Any little detail is wonderful, yet it's also fun if it's just a free flow and you let the words come out naturally for what you want to see happen in the coming weeks before the full moon and to also grow upward from there. Go easy, find what to release, and create your vision! Sometimes this might take longer than it takes for the bath to run, so make sure you don't let it overflow! ;-) While you write this manifesto, those intentions are going into the water and infusing it so that when you immerse yourself in it, all of that is there present already. We always end it with "This or better. Thank you, thank you, thank you."... or something to that effect. This is to ensure that we don't limit our vision, because sometimes the Universe has much more in store for us than we could ever imagine! To magnify the effect of anything, we can start with gratitude. Gratitude for the ability to have this ritual, for the water that surrounds us, the fire that warms us, the earth that holds us and the air that we breathe. For all those specific and sacred ways that we want to create, grow and evolve. For the Greatest Good and our unique and precious part in it. Lastly we can ask that anything be washed away that doesn't serve us and I really love the feeling of letting the water drain out and feeling that drain away too. The physicality of it always really feels wonderful and freeing. Now some people like to burn their written aspect, some people like to bury it... some people like to burn it and then bury the ashes! Some of us like to keep them, as I do, in a grimoire of sorts where I collect the recipes for different baths and body potions as well. Rituals are always made more magic when you put some of yourself into it, so take what you like, drop like it's hot what you don't... and add your own touches, flair and finesse! P.S. It's also a great time to charge crystals, make "potions", create anything... and haha everyone's fave... wash the floors!!! +BONUS+ the same "bath" mix can be used as a floor rinse to cleanse and protect the homespace, as well as bring in prosperity. Wash first then go mop it with new water with the salt mixture dissolved into it, leave that and do not rinse. Whistle while you work, and wizard on, wondrous ones! Love yah!!!

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