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What Energy Healing Is And How You Can Do it

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Energy healing is what so many cultures and practices believe to be a divine energetic life force of oneness that is available to all and with practice, intention and focus, can work wonders in our wellness and healing. Just as a child puts their hand to an "ouchie" and mom kisses it, we all know innately to lay our hands and energy where it is needed, but rarely put intention behind these intuitive actions.

If your are hurt, anxious, or feel blockages in any of your chakra areas, you can quickly and simply put your hands on or within 3 inches above the area, visualize being rooted and connected to the light coming through your crown chakra and out your hands, and intend to be a clear channel for this healing energy. For anxiety often the heart and solar plexus together are great, or hands over eyes or holding chin in hands (3rd eye). You will then likely feel a deeper conscious and sacred connection to that area, and may even notice some tingling and pulsing types of sensations.

We then want to focus on or over that area for at least 3 minutes, flowing with the feeling. Afterward we "sweep or swoosh" the body from crown to feet or the treated area at least, envisioning the light balancing and flowing freely throughout. The same goes for if another person or even an animal needs such attention and intention. We would add to the beginning rooting & clearing intention, that we may be of greatest good and healing for this Being and All Life. As well, we really want give thanks and embrace some mega gratitude for the ability to share and receive these comforting and healing energies.

In Reiki there are common hand placements; however the creator of this practice used intuitive placement, and you can too! Reiki has "attunements" that are meant to create an even stronger connection to this life force, but there have always been amazing natural healers in all walks of life. Remember, there are no limits except those which are self imposed!

Try out your empathy skills, ask or watch the person or animal, ask to receive guidance, note what comes up, then just follow the inner wisdom you hold. We are all gifted healers and it's great to know and be blessed to access and use the magic power you have right there at arms length. I Bee-lieve In You!

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