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Happiness Housecallzz~ All Services!

Woman Wizard~ Will Travel!

  • 1 hour 11 minutes
  • $111
  • Client's Space or Meeting Place

Service Description

Do you know someone who could use some company and an increase in joy frequency? Maybe it's a loved one, or perhaps one you love the most.... YOU!!! Experience the ultimate in wellness with Happiness Housecallzz from Mojo and Magic! Our comprehensive range of services includes energy work, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and mental health support, all tailored to your individual needs. Let us bring happiness and balance directly to your doorstep for a personalized, holistic approach to wellness. These unique Housecallzz and JoyRidezz are customized using any combination of services including CRE-ATE + Reiki Sessionzz, Reiki infused music and food, Happiness Navigation, sober companion, &/or holistic wellness treatments including: hot stones and crystals. Also offering coached art therapy practices like neurographics, arts and crafts, EFT emotional freedom techniques or "tapping", friendly walk n' talk or drive n' chat sessionzz, sobriety and serenity practices including SMART Recovery Facilitation. Providing simple hair cuts and styles, makeup and nails with over 10 years experience in film, commercial and volunteer freelancing + family and friends of course! References available on request. Brainstorm with me by booking a free call from the bookings page!

Contact Details

+ 6478689675

1704- 22 Close Ave. Toronto, M6K 2V4 Canada 22 Close Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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